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Sweet Sun by Mary Lee Agnew
Mary Lee Agnew

Sweet Sun by Mary Lee Agnew in Friends & Family

Dear Butterscotch, When I first saw you as a tiny fox kit, I thought my heart would melt, you were so beautiful, sweet and innocent. You grew into one of the most beautiful foxes I have ever seen. In the very coldest part of winter your beautiful eyes became crusted shut with mange and ice. With the help of a very wise friend, I was able to medicate and help you. And you opened your beautiful eyes. I loved to watch you hunting in the snow, your amazing elegance and agility. A fox queen ruling over her magical kingdom of ice and snow. ( My photo SNOW KINGDOM) That spring you had your own beautiful kit and you were such a loving, caring, diligent mother. The following winter on a very cold day you walked softly out on very thin ice. You paused once and looked back at me and vanished into the darkness. I never saw you again. Where ever you are dear Butterscotch, you have a piece of my heart, with you.

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