Bryan Corey Admin

Welcome to the forums! We're excited you're here. Hopefully you're happy about it too! The forums are a great place to get to know each other, discuss things with fellow users, improve your photography skills or simply hang out. With this open forum for discussion comes the expectation that people behave civilly toward each other, so please observe these general rules:

  • Be nice. That "golden rule" your mom taught you goes a long way around these parts.
  • Don't steal someone else's topic. If the thing you want to say requires a change in subject, it's worthy of a new topic.
  • You may be banned if you post promotions or links to services that appear to be scams or spam, so be aware of what you post.
  • Just like our photo submission guidelines, do not add a photo or link to photos with nudity.
  • If you share a photo by someone else, or found on another website, please provide proper attribution.
  • Again, be nice.

If you're looking for a list of "don't dos," here are the types of discussions we will shut down:

  • Talk of the scoring system or how to try to game the system.
  • Talk of cheating.
  • Talk of harming someone.
  • Talk of inappropriate things (this is a child-friendly site).
  • Talk of user-to-user conflicts (contact us instead).
  • Complaining. If you have an issue, email us, but don't complain on the forums. This is supposed to be a fun/constructive spot and complainers have a tendency to complain to hear their own voice.

Failure to follow the rules could result in removal of posts, or banning of your account from posting on the forums completely. Admins may lock or remove a topic at any time if necessary, without explanation.