I was just curious whether there are ever any gatherings where Capture Wisconsin photographers get together to meet in person rather than on line. I realize it would probably be difficult logistically since everyone is so spread out and everyone has busy lives. It just seems to me that there is such a great group of photographers here and it would be nice to meet some of you. Maybe this has been discussed and dismissed before, but just curious. Paul Schultz

I agree would be nice to meet some of the group to see who you are actually talking to.

It would be very nice, maybe an central area of the state.

Agreed....I would love to know the actual " people behind the photos" :)

many CW people are on this sight and we just got together a few weeks ago photography friends from capture Wisconsin.

this is a fb page.

You go Chris, but you might change your mind after having actually met some of us?? No-one that I know of, of course ;-))

Milwaukee is also a great place to set up meetings. There is the lake shore for scenic, the city at night, seven bridges. I know a few photographers that have done walking tours in Milwaukee and could ask them to do a photo tour and then everyone could meet for lunch or dinner. The hard part is to get it started. Just a thoughts. I know this is how about 20 of us got started doing get togethers. I think it would be great to meet more people

Lance L, I like your idea of meeting in the central part of the state. When I just looked at a map I was surprised to see that even Oshkosh is in the lower part of the state. Stevens Point seems to be in the approximate middle. What say Sister Chris S. Meet at your house ?? ( lol -- just kidding ).

I am cool with meeting in the middle I picked a spot that has photo ops. In this area Port Washington Harrington Beach Cedarburg Milwaukee. If there are great opportunities I would be cool with meeting in Stevens Point

I've cruised around Stevens Point a few times. Not the greatest photo ops for wildlife, landscapes or otherwise. However, the Nekoosa area along the Wisconsin River is interesting. Then, there is the Horicon Marsh and the Learning Center or whatever it's called.