We are excited to announce the next book, Capture Wisconsin II! For this next volume, we want to take a bit of a different angle at it...

Starting now, we'll run challenges specifically to capture unique and interesting things about Wisconsin with the distinct goal of using photos from these challenges in the book! We plan to publish the people's choice and editors' choice winners from these challenges at the least. We will likely include additional photos submitted to this "Capture Wisconsin II" challenge series. We'll also use photos submitted to categories and not submitted to challenges, but we think this challenge idea will be an interesting spin on the second book.

Here's the really cool part: we want you, the Capture Wisconsin community, to come up with some of the Capture Wisconsin II challenges. That's actually the reason for this forum post. We want to collect your Capture Wisconsin II challenge ideas in this thread on an ongoing basis, then pick the best ideas and run them for all to participate.

So, give us your best challenge ideas! Remember to consider what would be interesting to lots of folks who might buy the Capture Wisconsin II softcover book. A "raindrops on roses" challenge might sound interesting at first, but if an entire chapter of rained-on rose photos ended up in the book, it probably wouldn't be interesting to many people. Think bigger. Think broader. Think about what makes Wisconsin so special, then figure out a way to make that a challenge theme.

Please post your ideas in this thread. Be as detailed as possible so we can be sure we understand your angle. Also, there are no bad ideas. We can't use all ideas, obviously, but we welcome everyone to contribute their ideas at this phase.

As a side note, if you want to be sure your photos are eligible for publication in the Capture Wisconsin II book, go to the book page and click "opt-in" at the top right of the page. If you see "opted in," you're already opted in.

Also, if you want to pre-order the book at a huge discount, be one of the first 100 to order here and use coupon code cwearlybird to get the book for $12.95! That's more than 50% off!


how's about a tourist attraction challenge - what should others come to Wisconsin to see or do? ie: the art museum, the house on the rock, the cave of the mounds, the capitol building in Madison, Holy Hill, the Wisconsin State Fair, Washington Island, etc. I think it would also be a great way to get the word out about the many things to see and do in Wisconsin. Please make sure that a location is given with the photo in the challenge

Maybe a challenge for the "most photographed" site or landmark in Wisconsin? I'm not sure what that is, but you might know!

County Fairs. Bridges. Down on the Farm

I do think Sandy's idea is good, but for broader appeal maybe local landmarks that wouldn't require as much travel.

I have talked about Landmarks many times

How about a challenge for for fog?

Hopefully whatever challenges get started, the voting is limited to one vote on each photo. Otherwise they might end up as big of a joke as the challenges on CM where a bunch of trolls go through and vote thousands of times giving photos ratings of one star to hopefully make their photos score better by comparison.

I agree with John on this voting thing, sometimes or a lot of times I keep seeing the same photos showing up and then a box pops up and says you have voted for all photo's in challenge and I know that has never happened. WHAT'S WITH THAT???? How about a book with a certain number of photo's from every category? And truly the best photo's only! Just a suggestion! Just make the voting more fair to every one!

I have a couple ideas: A "Badger State" challenge which would showcase categories specific to Wisconsin; ie. State Animal, State Bird, State Flower..etc? Or possibly an "Unincorporated Wisconsin" to showcase the small town feel of many of the communities that make Wisconsin a great place to be? Lastly, a "People of Wisconsin" challenge, which would challenge us to think outside the box (void of politics, religion, athletes, etc) at folks that have made Wisconsin a better place to be; from young to old, teachers, farmers, etc, whose contributions would typically go unnoticed? Thoughts :)