Over the past few years I have been a been a member of Capture Minnesota. Mostly as an observer and not so much as a participant... I noticed recently that the web site has been closed... I am wondering two things. Does anyone know why CM was closed? And is the same fate awaiting Capture Wisconsin? Anyone know what's going on?

As a past member of Capture my Chicago for almost 6 years they also closed after 10 or more years. No Idea why but was told that probably others will at sometime close.

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person who took a couple minutes before joining to look up Pediment Publishing on Google and gain an understanding of the company, their business model and what I was getting involved in. It's really quite brilliant, and I've told them that several times. But it's been quite clear over the years that most of the participants don't have the slightest idea of what this is all about. Once you know that, it's pretty easy to figure out why CM and CDC were shut down.

Bill: What is their business model ?

Just guessing here Bill... Wondering if they set up sites like this to get material for their publishing empire... If so it is pretty shady... I hope it wasn't that. I am not as a savvy reasearcher as you but I wonder if they are getting nervous about copyrights.... What do you think?

They make their money selling books full of content that people willingly give them for nothing. In this case, they primarily sell it back to the people who created it. Before the Capture sites, most of their products were community oriented and relied on content from newspaper and historical society archives. I don't see it as shady - I see the participants as gullible for inventing a myth that this all existed for some altruistic purpose. It only took me 5 minutes to Google the company, look at their product lines, understand what I was getting into, and decide whether, on the whole, it was worth doing. And I decided to play. I learned about countless interesting locations, met a few people, and discovered some good work that I learned from. But the site tagline says it all - this is the best of Wisconsin in photography. It's not the best photography of Wisconsin. If it was, the model might have succeeded.