I go to A LOT of movies. As I was driving home from one today it occurred to me that Movies would make a great, long lasting topic here in the Forum. I'll start it off by naming 3 AWESOME movies I've seen recently.

1). Testament Of Youth. I rented this from Redbox. Family Video would have it as well.

2). Jimmy's Hall. Availability is the same as above.

3). Brooklyn. It's now showing at the theaters.

So comment on the above movies and/or tell us about other movies that you love or hate ^__^

A couple 'seasonal' films, light and not-so-light: Christmas Vacation and Joyeux Noel.

I very much prefer It's A Wonderful Life over A Christmas Story, that movie about a kid and his BB gun. But some of my brothers prefer A Christmas Story. Which do you prefer?

I can't sit through either of those two movies anymore however, if they're on, I'll watch them in the background while I'm doing something else... maybe because they're so familiar.

That being said, I could watch Apollo 13 a million more times. And I always choke up at the end. Love Tom Hanks and it is, for the most part, a true story.

My all-time favorite movies are the three movies in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. But those 3 that I mentioned to start this thread are awesome current movies in case anyone is contemplating a movie today :-)

I haven't seen any of the movies you suggest Rich... I used to be an avid movie person but have gotten away from that... But now when I go it is more a special event... Plus, even with the advent of in home viewing on high tech screens and sound systems, I still prefer to see a movie at a theater... As far as favorite movies... that is a tough choice... Being from South Dakota, I think I naturally gravitated to Dances with Wolves... I will always put that in the top 5 of my list... I also liked, for the nostalgic appeal, albeit some what a fantasy... The Natural . The mythical character of Roy Hobbs... was very appealing to me... One of the saddest, and most controversial movie I place in my favorite list would be Million Dollar Baby, with Hillary Swank, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. Great cast. Kind of on the seedy side of life but a interesting story about friendship and responsibilities of friendship... The ending was a hard swallow though. Having said all that, my three choices could be different tomorrow.

I love old movies and those two you mentioned Tom are great classics, both worth watching again. And speaking of classics who could ever be sick of Humphrey Bogart?

I have so many favorite films it would be hard to list them, but the old classics that stand the test of time can't be beat. Casablanca, and The Big Sleep, have to right up near the top of my list.

I just saw Brooklyn again today. It was even better the 2nd time around. The audience ( in Appleton ) gave it a standing ovation. Can't wait to buy it !!

I'll put those two on my list Rich... I also want to see The Martian... Have you seen that one?

We watched Martian last night. It runs along the same kind of storyline as Apollo 13 (which I've watched a kabillion times and which has me in tears every single time)… obviously, this one is all fiction, but it's a captivating film. I'd watch it again. Now I have to see what Brooklyn is about.