How does phot of the day get picked? It seems pretty random.

Capture Wisconsin photographers have gotten into nasty spats over this issue, egos and jealousies erupting, hot words exchanged, and cliques forming like high school kids. And all this over who and how that famous Photo Of The Day is decided.

Tommy ~ at the top of the page, click on the Help tab and then FAQ. That opens up another page and go down to the title "Photo of the Day" and under that, #2 which is "How is the Photo of the Day determined"? If you click on that, it gives the administrator's explanation of how it is picked. How well that explanation is followed is unknown. Hope that helps.

Tom, I wasn't trying to start a war or sound like a petty child, just wanted to know if there was some criteria or direction that was used for the choices. I guess I can see where fueds could break out. Maybe if there were some guidelines for POTD and a scaling system like Gurushots people would know were their pictures rate better in the process. Sorry but this feels like a mystery. Norma. Thanks for the advice, I did check that page out though it sounded quite vague. Thanks for the replies both of you. I'm sure I'm never going to get picked now lol. Love this site and am amazed everyday at the talent that gets posted here. Keep them coming.

Sorry, Tommy. No, you raised a good question. I was just having fun. Over the past several years, there have been some in-fighting over that award. I was hoping people might lighten up a little. Alas.

I have posted a site that lists the 12 elements of good photography. I am sure they look at these elements when making a decision. Of course, as with everything, these 12 elements are subjective. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, and some of us just don't see beauty in the same thing.

Tommy, I'm with ya when you say you are amazed at the talent that is posted everyday. I'm sure I will never have a POTD either, but that sure isn't stopping me from sharing my photos. I also welcome any and all comments.

Great attitude Gabriele. Thanks for the link in your post. @ TOM, hey no problem or skin of my back. only 360 options for POTD ! I'm sure there are at least 10 times that number if pics that deserve to get it.

If you try to shoot a POTD you will go mad! Shoot what makes you happy and a POTD will just be a bonus!

I have the same questions as the rest of you. The choice of POTD seems to be largely related to how many votes a photo gets, which in turn is probably related to how connected the photographer becomes on Capture Wisconsin.

We care so much about our photography that it's inevitable for our feelings to get hurt--justifiably--when our photos aren't chosen, but can we always equate the photo of the day with the absolute "best" shot? There are as many approaches to photography as there are photographers. Judging better or best is subjective, for sure. Lots of amazing shots don't even find their way to the "front page."

And the process is skewed by how many people pay attention to what you post, which is related, in turn, to how much attention you pay to their postings.

I like what Brett says.