Has anyone had the issue of "losing" photos that you have "Loved"? Sometimes I click on "love" and later check that same photo to see that it is no longer loved, nor can it be found in my "Loved Photos". Just wondering . . . ?

Sadly, Tanya, love can be fleeting. I hope you recover your own lost loves.

Tanya, sometimes if you click again on the heart icon it "unloves" the photo. So maybe you hit the love icon twice? That is just a thought.

Thanks Tom and Mary Lee.

If I'm using my laptop, the only way my 'loves' work is if their photographer places photos in the list format vs. the grid format. Either works if I'm on the Nook (which I don't frequently use).

Also, haven't been on here much lately....a photog., who recently joined, just popped into my head but can't remember the name (& it's not recent enough to be listed under 'new photographers').

Erin, I don't even know what a Nook is, but I do know that I've lost a few Loves in my lifetime too ;-)) Most of them before the digital age ^_^

PS. As someone else stated, Loves toggle on and off each time you click on them ...

Thanks for your helpful hints everyone.

Another way would be if the photo was deleted and resubmitted for an edit. The votes, comments, and loves would be deleted with it. I've done that a couple of times because I was not happy with the way it looked after the download.

Also, too many lost loves over the years to care to admit to! LOL