The new uploader cuts off captions and still doesn't grab titles. It's a step backwards in functionality.

I haven't had a problem. Seems to work alright for me.

Do you title and caption your photos before uploading them?

No. I upload them and then a screen comes up to put in a title and caption. I have a Windows 7 that I am using, so maybe it makes a difference on what operating system you are using.

I do notice though with the new uploader that the colors are slightly different when uploaded than what is on my original picture. For instance, the green color on the uploaded picture is brighter and a little different hue. I especially notice on green. I don't understand how that is possible. I have sent a question on this to the administrator, so will see if I get a response.

Bill - I have the same issue here. None of my EXIF data appears - title, caption, camera, settings, date taken. Unfortunate. I have not investigated much but I doubt it is a problem on my side. Nothing has changed in my post processing.

Titles never appeared for me, but caption worked. Now my captions are being concatenated to about 25 characters with ...] at the end. But I've been away and haven't had an opportunity to try uploading anything in about 10 days, so I guess I'll find out tomorrow if anything has changed.

I was unable to upload any photos last Thursday (7/6/17) and contacted support. They got back to me and they (CW developers) had just uploaded an updated uploader. So it appears they are aware of issues and are actively working to fix them in the new uploader.

So there is hope that some of the issues may go away in time.