Lightning is a hard capture. You did a nice job getting the lighting, which isn't the easiest to do but the picture doesn't jump out at you.

Maybe the sky would look better lightened up a little? The object sticking up above the trees on the left side is distracting to the lightening, which should be the main subject.

Thank you for your inputs this was a first attempt on lightning photography and now i know what i can improve on next time i try.

I like it, but are those parking lot lights in the picture? I would like it alot more without those.

The light pole is a bit distracting also it looks as though there is quite a bit of chromatic aberration and noise

Lori was right. Lightning is difficult to begin with, dealing with the ghastly orange glow of city lights makes it harder, and even if you do everything right, most of the lightning bolts you capture still won't be all that interesting. You're at nature's mercy, and it can take an awful lot of tries to get a really good one. You obviously have the basics down and you're on the right track, so you just have to keep trying until the right storm comes along.