Hello! I'm really new to photography and looking for feedback to improve my photos.

This is one of the first photos I took with my dslr (D5300) about 5 weeks ago in northern Wisconsin. I liked it because it was the only thing really colorful to be found among all the white snow. Any thoughts on composition, post processing, settings, or anything else? Thanks!

Trout Lake tool shed by Brandon Barton
  • Camera: NIKON D5300
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • Exposure: 1/500 sec.
  • Focal Length: 18 mm
  • ISO Speed: 100
  • Taken: 11:26 AM on Feb 22

Trout Lake tool shed by Brandon Barton

I took this the first weekend after getting my DSLR. I was walking around the UW Trout Lake station during a lab retreat for work and was thrilled to see COLOR. Everything was grey and white...except this shed.

I like the composition, Brandon, how the lines of the trees work against the lines of the oars. As for the color, I like how it adds drama against the monochrome of winter. Beyond that, the snow is a bit overexposed... no detail in the snow. But so what? Right?

Hi Tom, thanks for commenting. I see what you mean by the snow being over exposed. I looked at what I did in Lightroom: I had highlights set to 100. I looked online quickly and saw to hit the J button to see white clipping....and yeah, all that snow and some clouds were overexposed. It also revealed my blacks were to dark. I backed off the Highlights to 25 and backed off the blacks too. Now it shows detail in the snow and even made the sky a nicer blue. It's a nicer picture now! Thanks for the feedback!!!

Excellent, Brandon... because this is a really good image.

Here it is with the highlights pulled back... I think it looks nicer!

6 moths late to the party but wanted to add my two cents :)

Congrats on the new camera! I am newer to photography also and really loving this new hobby!

I think this picture has a ton of interest well done! I agreed with the snow being over exposed and the only other critique I would add would be cropping it a little tighter. The trees to the right IMO add nothing to this picture and take away from the focal point a little. Other then that well done!