Horses by Ben Wendt

Horses by Ben Wendt


I just stumbled across this forum and love the idea of having my photos critiqued by others on this amazing website. I love getting feedback from other people. Please give me a honest critique. I am not looking for compliments. Thank you very much for taking the time to look and critique my picture.

Hi Ben. I like about 90% of this. My main complaint is that the legs are cut off. Even if tall grasses or whatever block our view, it's good to have enough room for the "virtual" legs. That being said, you may not have been able to back up any further. And it's a Keeper as-is.

I am not quite sure how you would of photographed the horses without the grass around their legs. Its a good portrait of 2 horses and you were able to get both with their heads up and both of them looking at you. The black and white make it a nice component to the over all photo and the reason the black and white works for me is because one is white and the other dark and that makes the photo stand out.

Ben, I'm sure you understand that the grasses around the legs are fine and natural and good. My point is it would've been good if you could have included more of the foreground -- at the bottom of the photo. But as I said, you were probably unable to back up.

Isn't it nice to get an HONEST critique and not just bloviating praises for a change ;-))

Yes, great feedback guys- thank you! You are 100% rich with "honest feedback" and not just a bunch of compliments like "good picture" lol

Now i totally understand what you mean by "virtual" legs. I could have backed up or zoomed out a little to capture that and it is something i will think about next time i am in this situation.

I cant stress enough how useful both of your critiques have been! Thanks again and i will be adding more :)


Hey, Ben,

Here is another angle on your image...... has to do with your original choice of this image in black and white. It's a wonderful composition, the two horses standing off the out of focus background, but the horses are at opposite ends of the gray scale..... dark to white. Which forces the black horse to blend into the background iin contrast to the white horse blooming out of the background. You could mask off the two horses and then lighten the background. Just a thought. I am pleased that you had the courage to ask for advice.... not often done on this site.

Hey Tom, Thanks for joining. I can see what you are talking about. That is a great angle and way of thinking. Thanks for your creative advice! Maybe i will lighten the background, just a bit to balance it more. I will upload the result

I like Tom's suggestion and I think it really improved this lovely photo. I also think Rich had a valid point. I studied art and drawing and when composing a drawing you can cut off limbs, but it has to be done in a way as to not look like an amputation. Sometimes when you need to cut off limbs or other body parts, it is helpful to to do it in a way that the mind completes the form, for example cutting a leg off at the knee or ankle or other joint, looks like an amputation more than if you cut off the form just below the knee allowing the mind to complete the form. Does that make sense?