Hi, I'd appreciate some insight on this photo. I know the quality is not the best, I took it using my phone, but I'd like to know what you think of the subject and composition of this one. I did darken up the lighthouse a little to make it more visible, it was pretty faded. Thanks.

Arrival of Autumn by Don Kolczak

Arrival of Autumn by Don Kolczak

A cool breeze blowing in on the beach and the gulls taking flight. I love this one for the big swatches of color in the sky, lake and beach. Took this with my Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

Hi Don

This is a very good picture. Although I would have cropped in on the lighthouse area. The sky is beautiful but you can have the same effect if you make the lighthouse the subject. Same with the beach. Just my opinion. I look forward to reading other comments.

Hi Don, I think if you had gotten close to the subject it would have had a bigger impact. The elements are all there, just overwhelmed by distance. :)

I don't disagree with the previous comments but without getting closer to the lighthouse, I also see two alternatives I would try from this spot. One option would be to move toward the water and face more to the left, so the edge of the sand angles out from the bottom right corner - if you held the camera high enough, I think you might get a nice zig-zag formed by the water's edge and the pier - it's kind of there now, but it's interrupted because you can't see the shore end of the pier. Conversely, if you moved left, pointed the camera straight out at the lake and held it lower, you could get just the beach and gulls against the dark clouds.