I'd like some feedback on which of these two is the better picture.

What would happen if you took the bottom photo, cropped just about half an inch on the left side to remove those stray branches, cropped down about 1/2-3/4 inch, and cropped the right to take Walmart's building out.

Thanks Pam. Definately improves the photo.

I like the top one for the dramatic background... and I like the bottom one with the crop suggstions that Pam made. Perhaps I really like the bottom one best as it seems to have a sense of motion to it. With the buildings cropped out ( difficult to do on the top one), The left to right motion is one of going uphill. There is a little break in the dark clouds in the far right upper corner. and the storm has a sense of passing through..

Would be cool to see this painted in the Waterlogue app I have on my phone.

Also happy to see you posted this question, I often have the same question!

I'm with Cathy. It's good to ask and get people to kick around some ideas and suggestions.

The sky in the top one is more interesting in my opinion. Also cropping the stray tree branches on the left of both photos would help. If you cropped with a custom aspect ratio or maybe 8 by 10 you could eliminate the branches in the top photo and still keep the sky. I like them both but the sky in the top one makes it my favorite.

Thanks for all of the feedback.

Hi Lynne,

I think the dynamics of the sky in the first image are more impactful and Pam has very good composition suggestions on the bottom photo :) One thing you can possibly try is when you go shooting, always carry with you a 35mm slide casing..............hold it up in front of your face and compose the shot through the opening.............this will help you to see what the final photo will look like :)

Over time you can learn what is distracting and although cropping can assist with composition, seeing the shot before you take it can help a lot with not having to crop. All the digital data associated with a photograph is invaluable and trying to get a shot as you see it will save all of the data resolution and produce the clearest, sharpest image you can photograph. I still crop some images............learning to pre-compose takes time :)

Just a couple tips that I hope can help. Actually both shots have their particular merits but I would prefer the first. You possibly could have ducked down lower and moved a bit to the right before the shot in either image and removed the building altogether and obscured the light pole behind the tree. Keep shooting those wonderful shots Lynne!!

Thanks for all of the great advice!