Wow.. cool pics... i would wonder what would look like if you took the top one and cropped it to show just the main tree and a lot of sky in the back... just i thought...

Martin - when I tried that, it really made the pole behind the tree apparent and I didn't care for the end result. If only the trees were somewhere other than the mall parking lot!!

I am an new participant to this web site and love what I am experiencing . Regard the photos and comments, great photos and comments. For me the first thing that came to mind was the slight difference in mood suggested by the photos.

Great advice above from all. I would think this a place to revisit often when storms and sunrise/sunsets are happening and shoot it a ton of different ways under different light. Then through cropping and moving around and shooting it from different angles you can maximize what nature made available. Love the clouds,very dramatic.

The top is best. I like the dramatic look in the skies.