Any thoughts on how this could be better?

The focus is sharp and the tone is good, but the framing doesn't do much for me. With the motion heading to the right side, I think it'd be better if the crop put the bird in the bottom left.

Need stats I would of blured the background more larger aperture maybe even a closer crop. Other then that the bird is tack sharp and that is what counts

Thanks Chris!

Kelly: My aperture was f5.6 which was the best my lens could do, i could crop it but this is uncropped at 300mm, And thanks =)

Your right about the ap I think its a great photo of the bird in flight its tack sharp the background throws it off a bit and we can't pick where a bird will fly.

You always want the bird, deer, duck, ant, mouse, caterpillar, eagle, fly, beaver, etc etc to be moving INTO the frame, not out of it. This would be better IMHO by cropping off half of the distance from the tail to the left edge. In other words, I agree with Chris.

As an added bonus, it'd be nice to selectively brighten up his eye a tad.