Has anyone shot the Eagles in Kaukauna. Don't know if I spelled that correctly. It's closer than LeClaire but didn't know if you could get any good aerial, feeding and water shots.

I have the last photos I up loaded are from Kaukauna I am going again on Sunday. The light was terrible when I went and now I want another try

I am also planning a trip to LeClaire. Kaukauna the spot I was at had great opprotunitys

I'm supposed to shoot foxes with Eric. How far is Kaukauna from you?

2 hours same for you I believe

Bonnie if you want to do eagles instead we could do that

you are both welcome. I think shooting fox are exciting and would like to try next weekend when I have a 3 day weekend. people going are Bill, Clay, Mary Anne, Sharon, Sara and I think Gary and myself. we are meeting at the nature center at 7:45 and then going to the spot to shoot.

Which nature center?

Kaukauna Wi nature center.

High cliff state park?