Lets get to know one another. Like what kind of wildlife do you mainly shoot? Fav. subject, and so on

My main focus is Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies. Nothing thrills me more than capturing a stunning shot of that bird I have been watching for an hour or more in a perfect pose and lighting.

I enjoy the hiking experience to make my captures. What ever catches my eye when I am out there is what I enjoy. I also have seasons for the things that I shoot and focus on for example I can see eagles all year long but starting in January I start going to the damns to photograph them fishing at this time of year you can see 20 or more in these areas. In La Crosse in a small cove I counted 53 eagles at once fishing. Then in spring I love to photograph the egrets on the Mississippi in a boat and in summer the loons up north the fall deer. There are other season Faves as well.mostly I like the outdoors and just being out there wondering what the days captures will be.


A few years ago I found a pair of nesting Pileated Woodpeckers and spent all spring photographing them and was able to photograph the chicks the day they left the nest. That experience was something I have never forgot and peaked my interest to photograph wildlife. I tried using a kayak this summer/fall to capture shots of loons and eagles and loved it. I had a family of River Otters swim around my kayak while I photographed them and that was so cool. I really like photograhping birds, but will photograph anything that catches my eye while I'm out and about.

I want to shoot foxes? Anybody got any? :)

I do as well. I have been trying to find where I can hike to find them.

Where are you from? I know lots of places

I am from Madison but travel the state and my husband lives in La Crosse

I'm from the Milwaukee area.

I'm here in Milwaukee too!