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What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your personal Capture Wisconsin home base. It serves as your home page once you've logged in. Your dashboard is the perfect spot to get up to speed on great Capture Wisconsin photos. It also helps you keep on top of recent activity on your photos. You must be logged in to view your dashboard.

There are six main things to be aware of on your dashboard: recent news, stats, photos to explore, your top photos, activity and conversations. Let's dive in!

Recent News: When site news is announced, you'll find it pinned atop your dashboard page. We don't want you to miss anything important, so we present site news as the top item on your dashboard.

Stats: There are two groupings of stats for you to view: stats accumulated on your photos and stats you account for. The larger stats pertain to other users' activity on your photos (e.g. "23 votes, 5 in the last week" indicates your photos have received 23 votes total, 5 of which were received in the last week). The smaller stats below the large stats pertain to activity you're responsible for (e.g. "29 by you" indicates you've cast 29 total votes).

Explore Photos: Underneath the stat blocks you'll see four tabs. The first tab is the explore photos tab, which is a stunning sight to behold! Here you'll find a beautiful display of photos either submitted by users you follow or loved by users you follow. Scroll down and we'll find even more interesting photos for you to see. Click on a photo that catches your eye and vote for it or leave a comment for the photographer!

Your Top Photos: This tab contains a table of your photos in sortable format. Click a column headers to sort by that column.

Activity: The activity tab is the spot to keep track of who's voted, loved or commented on your photos. Whenever someone votes for, loves or comments on one of your photos, it pops to the top of the activity page for you to see. Newest activity is on top. You can also use the dropdown at right to select the time range of activity you'd like to see. We also show you when a user follows you!

Conversations: Users who comment on many photos or take part in our forums will find the conversation tab to be most useful. For every photo you've commented on, or every forum discussion you've added to, whenever another user comments or posts a message, you'll be notified here. Just like the activity tab, newest activity is on top and you can limit how far back you want to see using the dropdown menu at right.

Can anyone else see my dashboard?

No. Only you - unless you have someone looking over your shoulder. Your dashboard is just that: yours. Each user has a completely unique dashboard because the dashboard is catered to each user's followers, photos and activity.

Where do I find my stats?

We show you two kinds of stats: combined stats for activity on your photos and activity you contribute, which can be found in the large number blocks near the top of your dashboard page; and stats on your photos, which can be found in the "your top photos" tab on your dashboard page.

What are my top photos?

We show you exactly how your photos are doing with the Capture Wisconsin crowd. On your dashboard, click the "your top photos" tab. Once there, you'll see a table detailing your top photos. You can click on each column to sort the table differently. Here are the details of each column in the top photos table:

  • Rank: Your photos by their current popularity. Keep in mind popularity changes frequently, but this is a quick view of how your photos are doing right now.

  • Votes: Total votes for your photos.

  • Loves: The number of loves for your photos. Folks love your photos when they want to show appreciation for your work. It's a good thing!

  • Comments: The number of comments on your photos. Comments are great way to see how people feel about your photo. Sometimes comments are positive but sometimes they are constructive criticism. Use comments to hone your skills as a photographer.

  • Awards: The number of awards for your photos. Awards are awarded when photos reach certain plateaus, like 100 votes, or when a photo wins a contest, like the editors' choice for a challenge.

You can sort the top photos table any way you'd like so get in there and play around with it.

Be sure to share your photos on Facebook or Twitter, email your friends to ask for their support and submit photos to challenges, which is where our editors spend a lot of time. The more people see your photos, the more likely you'll receive votes, so share like crazy!