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Where do I start browsing photos?

There are a few places to jump in and start browsing photos:

Photo of the Day: Check out today's Photo of the Day, as selected by our editors or users' votes, plus view today's popular, upcoming and recent submissions. You can also view previous days by navigating to different dates on the top of the Photo of the Day page.

Categories: Interested in a particular type of photo taken in Wisconsin? Jump into browsing photos within categories. Each category page lists popular, upcoming and recent submissions for you to browse.

A User's Profile: Each photographer has a profile page to display their basic info and all of their Capture Wisconsin photos. Visit your friends, family or favorite photographer's profile page and jump in to browse their photo collection.

Groups: A group page is a great place to find photos of a particular interest. Clicking on a photo from the group's page will get you started browsing all photos submitted to the group. Check out Capture Wisconsin groups to get started.

Wherever you decide to jump into browsing photos, you can move to the next or previous photo in a collection by clicking the left/right arrow buttons or using left/right on your keyboard. As you browse a collection, be sure to vote "I dig it" for photos you appreciate, and love photos you want to bookmark for later viewing.

To learn more about collections, visit the collection FAQ page.

How are previous/next ordered when browsing photos?

By default, collections of photos are sorted by their popularity. That way, when you view a category, group or other collection, you're seeing the photos that people are really into right now. When you click on a photo, the previous and next photos are the photos a little more and a little less popular than the one you're viewing. Keep in mind popularity is fleeting, so it's an ever-changing sorting. If you check back daily, chances are you'll find a whole new set of popular photos to browse.

If you'd like, you can switch from the default popular view to the recent photo view. In this view, you're seeing photos as they were submitted. When you click on a photo after jumping into the recent photo view, the previous and next photos are the photos submitted just before and just after the photo you're viewing.