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What is a showcase?

A Showcase is a digital publication of Capture Wisconsin photos, hand-picked by our editors for a particular theme, displayed in a dramatic, art-gallery view. It's markedly different from other ways we display photos because it's a direct result of an editorial selection process. For challenges, groups and other popular photo blocks around the site, photos are displayed based on their popularity. Showcases, in contrast, have nothing to do with popularity. Our editors decide on a theme, then over the course of a few weeks to a couple months, editors select photos that catch their eye. When enough photos have been selected to represent the theme, the Showcase is published for all to enjoy.

How do I get in a showcase?

Showcases are put together by our editors, which means there's nothing specific you can do to get featured in a Showcase. That said, our editors are always looking for unique shots for unique things. In fact, often times a Showcase theme is conceived when an editor spots a photo, or a group of photos, that is catching and unique. Editors also try to feature active users on the site, so be sure you're submitting photos, voting and commenting on a regular basis. If you have an idea for the next Showcase theme, shoot us an email.