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What does following do?

Following means you are keeping track of another user on the Capture Wisconsin site. Whenever that user uploads a photo of their own, or loves a photo, it will show up in the explore photos tab on your dashboard. If you find yourself loving a photographer time and time again, it's a good idea to follow them.

How do I follow someone?

On their profile page, at the top, you'll see a follow me button. Click it and you'll keep track of their new photos and loves.

Is there anything else I can follow?

Yes! When you comment on a photo, you'll automatically follow the discussion on the photo. This way, all responses to your comments will show up in the conversations tab on your dashboard.

How do I share a photo?

You can share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email. Click Twitter, Facebook or Google+ icons above the photo on a photo's page to share on a social network. To email a photo or embed it on your website, click the share icon.

Why would I want to share a photo?

If you're the photographer the reasons are plentiful. You may want to get the word out about your photography, or you may want to ask friends to vote to help your photo gain popularity or be selected as a winner in a challenge or publication. If you're just a fan of a photo, sharing it is a great way to show friends and family a treasure of a photo you've found.

How do I contact a photographer?

When a photographer signs up they are given the option to allow people to contact them. If they chose to allow it, their contact info will show up on their profile page. If they don't list any contact info, they probably don't want to be contacted. In that case, the best thing to do would be to comment on one of their photos.

When should I report a photo?

There are two cases to report a photo: First, if the photo is offensive, please let us know. This is a family-friendly environment so we can't have offensive photos floating around. Second, if a photo is not from the area, go ahead and report it. Please be certain it deserves reporting. If you just "think" it's not from the area, let someone who's sure it's not report it. Report photos by clicking on the More button and then on "report" on a photo's page. Thanks for helping out!

What's a love?

It's a fun way to express how much you're into a photo. It's a nice pat on the back for the photographer. Plus, it serves as an easy way to bookmark the photo again for later enjoyment. All photos you love are collected on the "my loves" page, which you can access from the user navigation.

What is news?

News is how we communicate what's going on with the Capture Wisconsin project. It's a good idea to check the news frequently to read about upcoming contests, featured photographers and photos and other important announcements.