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Why would I vote for a photo?

The goal of Capture Wisconsin is to find the best photography of Wisconsin. Voting for a photo helps accomplish that goal. Photos are given a score based in large part on votes from people like you! Top-scoring photos are highlighted in categories, on the Photo of the Day page, within groups and in other collections of photos. Plus, if a photographer has elected to opt his/her photos into publication eligibility, votes for a photo helps increase its odds of being selected by our editors. As you might have guessed, photographers appreciate your votes! If you see a photo you dig, click the "I dig it" button atop the photo.

What is auto flow?

Auto flow is a mode of navigation on Capture Wisconsin that allows for rapid voting. Unlike browsing photos, when auto flow is on, you cannot navigate left/right to move between photos. Instead, you either vote "I dig it!" or skip the photo, then you are automatically taken to a random photo in whatever collection you're in. That's the "auto" in auto flow: your vote or skip triggers automatic navigation to a random photo in the collection's flow.

To learn more about collections, visit the collections FAQ page.

To learn more about browsing, visit the photo browsing FAQ page.

How do I turn auto flow on or off?

Turn auto flow on/off from a photo's page. Atop the photo on the right side, toggle the auto flow button to turn it on or off.

Why do the buttons change when auto flow is on?

When browsing without auto flow, navigation is up to you so the left/right navigation buttons are shown. As you browse you can vote for a photo, love it, share it and so on. When auto flow is on, only the bare minimum is shown to focus your attention of what auto flow was designed for: voting!

Do I see all photos in auto flow?

No! Auto flow will only automatically take you to photos you haven't voted "I dig it!" or skipped. Once you've voted or skipped a photo, it will never again show up in auto flow. The photo is still fully accessible when auto flow is off, however.

What does skipping a photo do?

Skipping a photo means auto flow will never automatically take you to that photo again. It does not impact a photo's score in any way.

How many times can I vote for each photo?

Once you've voted for a photo, that's it. You can't vote again and again to increase its popularity. Your one vote cast shows us you think it's a photo worth digging. The more users vote for a photo, the more popular it becomes. Don't register bogus users to game the system and vote multiple times for a photo. We're watching for these types of abuses.

Is it possible to vote for a photo more than once?

No. Are you asking because you think you somehow voted twice for a photo or because you want to cheat? Actually, it doesn't matter because you can't cheat. Without getting too technical, it is absolutely impossible to vote for a photo more than once. If you think you have, we're afraid you're mistaken and that the photo is simply very similar to one you've already voted on.

So I can vote without registering?

Nope. You must be registered to vote so we can keep the voting fair. If you didn't have to register to vote, you could vote over and over again for the same photo, and that just wouldn't be fair. So, register and vote! It's free and we won't spam you. Easy as that.

Is the voting system legitimate?

Yes. You can't cheat. We've built in all sorts of ways to ensure a fair vote. And don't think we're not checking things personally. Computers and algorithms are great, but at the end of it all, we've got folks looking over votes to make sure everything is square.