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Announcing Community Forums

Announcing Community Forums

Capture Wisconsin is already the best spot on the internet to see great Wisconsin photography. But why stop there? We want Capture Wisconsin to be the best venue to interact with Wisconsin photographers and photo enthusiasts. We want to build a community here! To do that, we are excited to announce a new feature: community forums!

What is it? You may be familiar with forums already from other sites, but it's simply a spot for users to interact with one another. Think of it as a message board or community bulletin board. Post questions, answer other user's questions, discuss the weather, talk about upcoming community events, ask for critiques on your photos, and so on. The options are virtually limitless!

What kinds of discussions are there? To start, we've created four forums:

  1. General Discussion - This forum is for any kind of generic discussions. Introduce yourself, talk about local sports teams, discuss great spots for photography, etc. It's the best forum to get to know other Capture Wisconsin users.
  2. Photo Critiques - This forum is going to be a ton of fun! The idea is to post one of your photos and ask other Capture Wisconsin users to give it an honest critique. Using this forum will make you a better photographer! Just don't get your feelings hurt if you're asking for real advice. Constructive feedback can only help if you're willing to ask for it. Please note we plan to remove critiques on photo pages in the near future, so the Photo Critique forum will serve as the way to get detailed feedback on your photos moving forward.
  3. Community Events - This forum is the spot to talk about upcoming events in the community. Anything related to photography, or even events where there's an opportunity to take photos, should be discussed here. Feel free to promote local art gallery showings, photo walkabouts, get togethers, and so on.
  4. Help and Support - This forum should be useful for everyone. If you have a question about how the Capture Wisconsin site works, post it in this forum to see if another user has the answer. Our admins will spend time in this forum, but its primary focus will be user-to-user help.

How do I post in the forums? It's super simple! First, be sure you are logged into the Capture Wisconsin site (like you normally would), then go to the forums and navigate into one of the forum types (like Photo Critiques, for example). Once you're there, add a new topic by clicking the "new topic" button in the top right, or jump into an existing topic and add your response.

Can I post pictures and links? Yes! When adding a new topic or replying to an existing one, you'll find buttons to add a photo or a link to the body of your post. We hope the forums become a super fun spot and including photos and links will help.

Are there any rules? Of course, but they are as simple as can be. Basically, be nice and treat people with respect. For a full list of the rules, see the forum guidelines.

Now, jump into the forums and add your own topics or get involved in some discussions!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published almost 7 years ago in Capture Wisconsin News