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About Me

I'm a little bit photo crazy....My family, friends, and neighbors support me.... But I believe they may be a tad biased. I am having fun taking photos and even more fun sharing them. I love to promote the area I live in (which happens to be Northern Wisconsin) and show people how beautiful and diverse it is.
So that said, take a look at my photos... you may see a place that you would love to admire personally, or an animal up close and personal, just doing it's thing. Maybe an old way of life to remember, that sometimes around here, has yet to get lost in the past. Possibly my little boy and his friends doing something silly will tug at your heart. And you will see the animals on my farm, and my friends and neighbors farms, doing the things that farm animals do, and possibly some of us doing the things we do to tend to them. Thank you for looking and sharing with me.