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About Me

As a retired RN, and a mother of three 'aging' children, I decided to change careers in mid life and follow my passion. I went back to school and got a degree in horticulture...it added fuel to my burning passion and love for nature!

Photography is a new hobby for me and I am hooked... but so much to learn! Being completely retired now, I have the time to fully pursue my loves! I'm also a 'biker' so my camera is with me where-ever I pedal ...just in case.
I have many hobbies but most revolve around the outdoors. I also have a great love for cats! Living in the country I guess they go together as the country seems to be where many are dropped off.

I've also been an avid reader all my life...years ago I read to my children daily and instilled a love for books and reading in them. As a result I find myself observing something in nature that triggers a quip or quote to visualize in my mind; I'll take a photo of it and file it away. It always amazes me how much I see 'Alice in Wonderland' out in nature.

There is so much to be learned from nature as we take the time to do so.

I must add an addendum...since being a part of this site I have seen pictures of Wisconsin that have piqued my interest to visit every part of this beautiful state. Not being a native Wisconsinite, I am discovering there is so very much hidden beauty in the state.