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About Me

Recently I discovered I am now considered a Pro Photographer by my peers and contemporaries in the Fine Arts, I find myself somewhere outside of that label and see it as somewhat unnecessary. As a self-taught Naturalist and Artist since childhood and continuing through 6 years of Fine Arts college and continuing to this very day in conjunction with decades of image making and field experience including Sculpting and Drawing I see my Ethos as an Artist, Documentarian, Gypsy and Environmentalist has given me an understanding as to the "nature " of Art and Photography. Photography's veracity, importance and meaning in all of our lives, whether you are a "hobbyist" "amatuer" or whatever you may choose to be called or considered seems a gift for all of us here on this page. It has become a journey of self discovery as well as an open door to the world, nature, systems, fractals, string theory, physics, inter-connections and the child-like wonder and deep spirituality involved with living a life close to the womb of Nature. I was trained classically by a student of Minor White in Black and White Photography, darkroom techniques, the Zone System and Film as well as an intensive college education in Life Drawing and Anatomy, Sculpture and Advanced Foundry Techniques, including their application in daily life.
This education enabled me to continue my great love, which is both my Muse and primary subject matter; Art and Nature. Drawing, observing and creating since I was a young boy, I found my final passion is in Photography and it's juxtapositional nature, being both pure objective document and subjective reality.
I have been making images of Wisconsin and Michigan for nearly 30 years now; it's ecosystems, flora and fauna, but most importantly, it's feel and familiarity. I have always viewed photography as a tool to familiarize us with nature and a way to express the constant yearning among many of us for knowledge and understanding of the natural world, it's peace and wonders.
I have had publications, done commissions, won contests, sold prints and exhibited my images, as well as consulted and collaborated on Sculpture, drawing and music.
I make these pictures as a legacy to our children's children's children in hopes that someday they can be used as a source of both wonder and education.
I try to reflect this "memory" we all seek of Nature that seems to be even more important now than ever considering the state of affairs here on Planet Earth. Thank you for allowing me to indulge my passion, and enjoy!.