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About Me

I love the world of photagraphy. Ever since I was two I noticed things most 2 yr olds didnt. I caught Toads and many little critters, and never killed them on accident. I always knew they were delicate and special. I also was programed to look for the unusual. Many people disliked my awareness because either I was to weird, over knowledged, or uninteresting. But their were always a few people that were curious and wanted to know more about me and the odd views I have in life. I look at things in a different view and when I was 6 I got to take photos for the first time. I loved it. It has been a long journey for me. I being poor as always learned to capture my observations on any camera I got my hands on. I manage to always make those POS cameras work for me no matter how long it took, but every once in a while Id get pissed off because the picture didnt turn out the way I saw it, if you know what I mean. I see It as a challenge and It makes me more determind with each photo I take.

Untill April of 2011 I have finally gotten my DSLR Camera. One problem tho I only have the one lense it came with. It aggrivates me at how expensive it is to be a photographer, I just wish one day more ppl could afford this hobby for it is art, and I think every one who wants to do it should be able to do it with ease of expense. Perfectly good talent Is wasted all because of money. Well Im determined to climb to a degree of notice. No matter how long this takes the only thing slowing me down is the coasts but as usual I make the best with what I got and work slowly to get what I want. Thank you for your time and I absolutely love everyones different perspectives and respect their hard work In the world of photagraphy.