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About Me

In early 21st century America, we all speed along digital information highways without ever looking a fellow human in the eye.  As a society, we’ve never been closer together, yet we’ve never been further apart. 

There is no need to drop by the neighbor’s farm for gossip and opinions, or to take a Sunday drive down the back roads waving and visiting, or to walk Main Street and small-talk strangers and friends of all stripes.  There is no longer time to sit on the porch and take in the lives around us.

I’ve always thought the prime connection I have with every other American is that we come from similar circumstances.  Our ethnic ancestors survived as individuals, living off the land, yet dependent on their neighbors.  They raised their families helping one another survive, arguments aside. 
This was the paradoxical value the generations handed down: the spirit of independence in a community of dependence.  

This value embodies the spirit of my photographs and thoughts.  They are snapshots of the America we forget to remember, the pausing places we bypass on our busy digital roads.

Tom Jenz