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About Me

I grew up in Manitowoc, and although I currently live in the Twin Cities, I make a lot of trips back to Wisconsin to visit family in Manitowoc and spend time at our cottage in Iron County.

My passion for photography began when I bought my first digital camera in 2005. I carried it along when fishing, hiking, downhill skiing and just about everywhere else I went. I received enough positive feedback on my photos that I began investing more time and money in the hobby. The quality of my work really took off beginning in late 2009, when I bought my first dSLR and moved from Picasa to Lightroom.

Photography has become one of my main recreational activities, and I shoot like crazy, often returning from a weekend outing with 2-3,000 exposures. I'm usually lucky if I can finish post-processing them before the next outing. So don't be surprised if you don't see me participating heavily in the voting, commenting and social aspects of this site - I do enjoy looking at other people's work, but I rarely have the time to do much of it.

Above you'll find a link to my page on Capture Minnesota, where I have a lot more urban images, and Capture Door County - I visit there regularly when I'm in Manitowoc, and try to avoid double-posting most of those images here. I've also included links to a few 360-degree panoramic virtual tours I shot for fun. The overlooks tour is one I continue to add to as the opportunity arises - I plan to eventually make it to all the State Park towers and any others that I run across in my travels.