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About Me

I am married and a mother of two adorable little boys that make my life so much fun.

I work as a Medical Assistant float at Gundersen Lutheran in Lacrosse, WI. I have a wonderful job helping patients and I get to meet so many people every day. Working with people is the best part of my job.

I have many hobbies and I use my free time to the fullest. I love running, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, traveling, decorating, music, nature and the list goes on. There are so many wonderful things in life to immerse yourself into that how does anyone ever get bored.

I am a Christian and feel so inspired by what God has created on this earth for us to enjoy. You never know what tomorrow may bring so I am thankful for today and I trust God for tomorrow.

I have always loved pictures. They are priceless gifts unlike any other kind. One of my favorite things to do is look through my parents old boxes full of old pictures of us growing up. I just recently got myself my first DSLR camera and for the first 6 months I only took photos in auto mode. In the last few months I have finally started experimenting with the other settings and I am amazed and having so much fun learning. It is marvelous all the awesome things a camera can do and I only wish I would have discovered this a long time ago. Although it is fun to think of all the fun things I have yet to learn. I love how with photography you can take the most mundane things and make them glorious. Photos help us remember. Sometimes we think we will remember but we don't, especially with kids. Treasured moments come and go every day but photos help to keep them in our minds when we are old and gray.

God Bless.