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About Me

I take all of my photos from my bike rides. I have been riding my bike to work for over twenty years, in all kinds of weather. I have been an avid bird watcher and wildlife watcher as far back as I can remember. I started to carry a small point and shoot camera with me to record all the wildlife I see on my daily commutes. I made notecards and calendars from my photos and starting selling them at local markets as a way to make people aware of all the beauty of nature around them and to encourage people to get out of their cars and walk or bike ride and look at the world around them. One day two years ago I handed my calendar to a man who was photographing birds along the lakefront. He liked my calendar so much that the next time I saw him he handed me a Canon EOS 30D camera with a 300mm lens and said,"make a better calendar next year." I am forever grateful to this generous man who gave me a camera I could not afford. My goal with my photos is to celebrate, promote, and preserve Wisconsin's magnificent wildlife.