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About Me

As for me and my $80 used Canon G10 we're doing just fine. The least expensive and practically speaking my best camera ever. And that's including a Kodak rangefinder, Rolleflex TLR, Nikon SLR F3, Mamiya 645 and oddities like that Kodak Disc camera and my homemade pinhole camera. Oh, how great it is to be out of a darkroom even though i thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

My most memorable photo shoot was of the Milwaukee Road Frog Shop at Tomah, WI, with several photos published in the Wisconsin Trails magazine summer of '74 when Jill Weber Dean was editor.

Looking forward to the attraction that Capture Wisconsin challenges my photo eye from becoming too lackadaisical. Getting to know other CW digi-imagers and their favorite subject matter gives me additional satisfaction.