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About Me

Hi! I have been interested in photography since high school, and that was sometime ago. ;) Now that digital cameras exist, photography seems so much more affordable. In 2011, I purchased an iphone 4. The convenience of having a camera by my side daily, has tremendously increased the number of photos I shoot. Last summer I splurged and entered the DSLR world when I purchased a Nikon d3200. So many features to learn about so little time. LOL I keep my photo taking efforts pretty simple and rarely use special effects. I feel especially energized when I'm out in nature. I consider her to be my muse. ;) Living on Wisconsin's West Coast provides me with quick access to the Mississippi River and her grandeur! Bentley, my Boxer/Black Lab accompanies me on most of my photo taking outings...sometimes, I battle his desire to sniff something when I want to photograph something else....we still manage to make it work. :) Thanks for taking the time to read about me! Much like my photo taking skills, I consider myself to be a work in progress. ;) Peace.